The Core Method®

What if all the strength you need is already within you?

The Core Method® (TCM) is a smart total body sequenced mat class that will work you from head to toe. Our 1-hour class of core-focused movements strengthens essential muscles you never even knew existed. The Core Method combines the founding principles of Pilates with the benefits of physical therapy and strength training to create a one-of-a-kind, creative and challenging class that leaves you stronger, taller and more balanced.

Core Method founder, Lily, learned to teach the Pilates mat work with a classical approach but when she found that some of the cuing didn’t flow the way she had been accustomed to teaching, she adjusted the work to make smart body sense. Focused entirely on the mat, The Core Method is accessible anywhere at home or on the go, using body weight as its main resistance.

The Power of Your Core

The Core Method approach strengthens core muscles, lengthens the body, adjusts posture and aids in better balance. It’s ideal for any age, so that you can achieve your fitness goals and your life goals.

Meet Lily

The Core Method was founded in 1998 by Lily Horowitz, a leading certified Pilates instructor with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Lily was first exposed to Pilates 19 years ago as a student of the method. After personally realizing the benefits of the work, seeing changes in her own body and physical ability, she was then trained and certified.

Since then, Lily developed the Core Method: an instructional method based on the founding principles of Joseph H. Pilates and the integration of other core development techniques to create a total body experience for her clients.

Lily is also the founder of Kidlates® and has done extensive work with children at all levels of ability. In collaboration with a variety of professionals, including: pediatricians, child psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists, Lily has emerged with a method and a program that can be applied to children both learning challenged and non learning challenged. 

Classes On Site or Virtually

Mat Classes. Mat & Machine Classes. Video On Demand Classes.

We offer Core Method Circuit classes in our storefront in Northbrook, Ill. on the reformer, tower and chair. Done in groups of three in 20 minute increments, these give a total body workout using equipment only.