Experience The Core Method

What if all the strength you need is already within you?

Palm Desert ~ Chicago

Strengthens Core Muscles

Strengthen essential muscles you never even knew existed.

Lengthens The Body

Gain increased flexibility to lengthen your entire spine and neck

Adjusts Posture

Stand and sit with confidence, poise and posture

Aids In better balance

Walk and stand with better confidence and avoid falls.

Experience Our NEW Kidlates Program!

Workout with your child, on your own schedule, in your own space

For myself and for the hundreds of adults in my studio over the years, I’ve seen Pilates improve flexibility, while building strength, control and endurance. For the first time, we’re introducing this program to children. Kidlates is a series of exercises proven to increase trunk stability and strength in kids, enhancing their success in other sports and even in sitting attentively in class.

Your Core Is Your Floor.


Lily Horowitz, Founder