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designed for people 60+

We all have tremendous capacity to continue or regain the strength and physical abilities to walk, run, play, and engage in the activities that fill our lives and souls with joy.

As we age, health, fitness and wellness become even more important and require programs that are lifestyle appropriate for training not jumping around til we are soaked in sweat.

While most everyone knows what Pilates is, did you know that Pilates actually can:

PREVENT you from falling

STRENGTHEN your whole body

IMPROVE your posture

ENHANCE your intimatea life

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First 7 days free then just $15 per month

Lily Horowitz

Co-Founder, Stretch Strength & Stability Program

head shot photo of Arlene Bass smiling

Arlene Bass

Body Evolve
Co-Founder, Stretch Strength & Stability Program

About the Stretch, Strength and Stability Program

Arlene Bass and Lily Horowitz are the founders and creators of this incredible program. Both help clients 65+ lead amazingly fit and healthy lives from Pilates and total body core strengthening work.

As passionate and successful Pilates educators, studio owners, and personal trainers with 50 years of teaching expertise, these low impact, guided and functional movement based programs are modified to clients abilities and long term health and wellness goals.

Stretch, Strength & Stability is a subscription based program that can be done from the comfort of your own home via virtual sessions.

The program has 3 sections:

  • Stretch
  • Strength
  • Stability

Each week we will release 1 video in each category, each video will be 10-20 minutes in length, with clear instructions, simple cues to follow and household items as apparatus.

For more information and a personalized consultation, please call, or go to our member page and sign up. The first 7 days are free then just $15 per month.

First 7 days free then just $15 per month